Monday, May 15, 2017

Strong people don't put others down... They lift them up!

When it comes to bullies the reality is that occasionally in life we will have to deal with these types of people. This can happen at any point in life as bullying isn’t just something that happens to kids as you can even find grown adults participate in this childish game. It must be known that all bullies are trying to do is make themselves look better by bringing someone down that they may not agree with or in most cases are simply jealous of. Some are actually just seeking to gain other people’s attention as this helps to make them feel important and needed. You also can’t deny the fact that many bullies suffer from low self esteem which causes them to stop at nothing to bring those they are jealous of down. This is what causes them to go out of their way to try and turn others against the people they don’t like. Sadly, some bullies are very successful at doing this since they seek out gullible people who are quick to believe lies rather than seeking out the truth. It is truly unfortunate that even the best people fall for the bully’s tactics. What makes it even harder is when the bully finds allies who join them in their efforts as this only helps to encourage others to join in. All too often this is now being done behind people’s back and in the day of social media and closed group pages many being picked on don’t even know it’s going on. Just another cowardly tactic modern day bullies tend to favor so that the person they are picking on is unable to stand up to defend themselves. Now it is truly unfortunate that some people do fall for the bully’s tactics and judge a person off what they say instead of getting to know that person themselves. Now thankfully there is some good news as eventually in many cases a bully’s behavior get's exposed. This is when the smarter more mature and caring people become aware of exactly what the bully is up to. This is when we all learn a valuable life lesson that we should never trust or listen to those who go out of their way to make someone look bad or bring other’s down. After all isn't it better in life to lift people up then to tear them down?

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