Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Becker's Story meets SeRVe Photography

The other day I met up with an old friend Scott Vaughn who happens to be the owner of SeRVe Photography here in Oshawa. About a month ago he approached me offering to complete a mini-shoot to help me update the photos I currently use here at
the My Becker’s Story blog.
My Becker's Story
 On the day of the shoot we couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions. During the photo shoot it was nice working with a photographer who understood what my limitations were. Scott was very professional during the whole shoot and was kind enough to make sure he wasn’t asking too much of me. I really appreciated his professionalism in finding a place to shoot that was fully accessible. I have to thank Scott for this opportunity and I look forward to working with SeRVe Photography in the future.

To view more photos from my day with SeRVe Photography please visit:

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